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Choucho – Starlog

Finally an update, huh? Long time no see.

Well, seems like there’s no song that catches my interest lately, so I didn’t bother to update. And finally, there’s one song that I really liked, and it belongs to Fate Franchise too! It’s about time! Here you go!


August 7, 2013 at 6:15 am 1 comment

Hiroshi Kamiya – DT Suteru!

At first, “okay, this is a decent song with full of GARness and stupidity”, however, after taking a good look at the lyric, turns out this is becoming a GAY song! Oh, cmon, a man singing “please let me have your virginity” to a man!? my gawd! And.. because the way Hiroshi sang makes it more and more stupid, this song become my fave, regardless the meaning behind it lol.

I’ve put the true meaning and song meaning in separate translation. The true meaning came from the actual kanji from the opening anime, while the song meaning came from the furigana of the song. But, this is only applicable to the anime. In the scans of this single, there’s no kanji with the actual true meaning, so I’ve put some that maybe able to fit based on the rest of the song. Enjoy, and beware, human can die if they laugh too much.


November 16, 2012 at 12:51 pm 1 comment

Supercell(ryo) .feat Hatsune Miku – Odds&Ends – Full Version

This is the full version of the text, I made a different post than the previous ones, since there are some kanjis that different from last post.

The video still can be played from the last post, so you can still watch that great pv.

This whole song is a story of a composser (probably ryo himself), and his meeting with Miku. You can see it from the translation, as I already insert another words into it so it’ll become like a story, to make it more understandable.


August 14, 2012 at 9:30 pm 1 comment

Supercell .feat Hatsune Miku – Odds&Ends(Short Ver.)

EDIT : Full Version Here



Dunno this video will last for how long, but surely this is great! The song too, is AWESOME!

The song itself will be available in CD/DVD/BLURAY in 28 this month! Get it guys!

Also, there’s some people that already translate the short version used in Project Diva f, and I’ll be taking that and translate it myself.

Here you go!

Romaji and several words used are taken from Descent87.


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LiSA – oath sign

Finally, the opening single for Fate/Zero by LiSA is out!!! HURRAAYYY!!!

This is the opening that I’m really looking forward ❤


So without holding all of you any longer, enjoy the lyric below.


November 20, 2011 at 8:42 am Leave a comment

Claris – nexus

Hello there, finally some update from me. 🙂

This time, it’s the opening for Ore no Imouto (maybe? since I forgot and the files is in my home 🙂 ), sung by Claris, 2 singer with the name Alice and Clara. So here it is, cover and the details will follow later, enjoy 🙂


October 27, 2011 at 12:51 pm Leave a comment

Aoi Eir – Memoria

New Single from new singer, Aoi Eir (藍井エイル). (even it’s her second single) The ending of Fate/Zero. Her singing is good, better than LiSA imo. Nice Screaming makes me high… xD~~
Sadly she doesn’t want to be known, so she covered half of her face, like other niconico artists. <_<


Track 1 of 3 track titled Memoria
Well, enjoy.

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