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THE iDOLM@STER – Omoide no Hajimari

and so, this is the 3rd song from the new single Ready!! good thing that this one does not have any faulty in the lyrics… 🙂 the song was sung by the Haruka, Makoto and Yukiho trio.. enjoy 🙂


天海春香、菊地真、萩原雪歩 – おもいでのはじまり
Amami Haruka (CV : Nakamura Eriko), Kikuchi Makoto (CV : Hirata Hiromi), Hagiwara Yukiho (CV : Asakura Azumi) – Omoide no Hajimari


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765 Pro Allstars – Ready!! (M@ster Version)

So. it’s been a while since i last wrote.. and now, i hereby bring the Op for the Idolm@ster Anime (with some shock, cause i didn’t think that they have made some great mistake in the lyrics..) :/
anyway, a good song indeed, as usual, idolm@ster songs keep looping in my head for a while..


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May’N – Phonic Nation

from may’N’s album – If You. I first heard this song live at AFA.. i was so moved, the lyrics are great.. and so now i try to make the translation for it… :)) even though it’s somewhat sucked, i did my all 🙂


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Dream C Club – 恋.KOI☆week end!

been a real while since i last post… and i’m just too moody to do something…

oh well, this one’s old, but i like it very much


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Veil – I Miss You -The Origin-

i miss you

the Ending song from Fortune Arterial (Anime), i like this song, and the lyrics are simple.. LOL


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Lovelife – bokura no Live kimi to no Life


This song… is from the new 2D idol group, with the collaboration between Sunrise (Animation) x Lantis (music) x G’s Magazine (promotion maybe).. consists of 9 members, though i don’t know who are the seiyuus are… their first single is released in C78, along with a promotion video DVD. and i guess they will release their second single in C79 then…

and yeah, i like idols (esp virtual ones).. so here’s the lyrics.. 😀


September 4, 2010 at 7:55 am 1 comment

Oster Project ft. Hatsune Miku Sweet – Bathroom Garden

here’s the 2nd track from the DebutanteⅤ album… a sweet song from oster project… 😀


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