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Sawai Miku – Gomen ne, ii ko jya irarenai

Kakek, please add image of the cover!!!

Hi, long time not posting. New wordpress is impressive.
Okay, let’s get to the point. Today is the Ending of Kill La Kill. The first song this fall season 2013 finally worth listening. xD

Please enjoy

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Shirahama Saka Koukou Gasshou Bu & Seigaku Bu – Radiant Melody

This is the final ending of Tari Tari Anime which actually the actual Choir club also joining this song, making this song more and more majestic. Truly this is the best song I’ve ever heard in an anime. They should make songs like this once in a while.



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Shirahama Saka Koukou Gasshou Bu – Kokoro no Senritsu

This is a song which composed by Wakana’s mother. All of the Gasshou Bu members sing this in the ending of 6th Episode of Tari Tari. I really liked this song, or rather, I like all of the song in the Tari Tari Anime. One reason was the one in charge of the lyric was riya, the vocal of Eufonius, which always make a good song. Oh right, Gasshou Bu consist of Asami Seto, Ayagi Takagaki, Natsuki Hanae, Nobunaga Shimazaki, and Saori Hayami.

Enjoy this great song!


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UR@N – Niji no Mukou no Horizon

This is an old song, but I still liked to hear it from time to time. It has somewhat strange melody that makes me feel happy. Truth to be told, it also make me remember the whole story of the Pastel Chime Continue.

Enjoy the beat then 🙂


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Dixie Flatline – Fallin` Fallin` Fallin`

Killing Spree 🙂

Here you go, the ending song of Project Diva Extend. Lyric by Supercell and composed by Dixie Flatline.

There’s some words that a little bit hard to decipher in this song, refrain me from translating itTranslation added. Also, when google-ing for OshaP, looks like it was a girls band? Dunno thou. Anyway, enjoy this good beat song 🙂




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Akiko Shikata – Utsusemi

Hello Guys, seems like I’m missing again 🙂

Ok, here it is, the ending song of Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. Sung by the goddess Akiko Shikata. Enjoy this epic song as I maybe will look for more songs to be romanized.



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Veil – I Miss You -The Origin-

i miss you

the Ending song from Fortune Arterial (Anime), i like this song, and the lyrics are simple.. LOL


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