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Dixie Flatline – Fallin` Fallin` Fallin`

Killing Spree 🙂

Here you go, the ending song of Project Diva Extend. Lyric by Supercell and composed by Dixie Flatline.

There’s some words that a little bit hard to decipher in this song, refrain me from translating itTranslation added. Also, when google-ing for OshaP, looks like it was a girls band? Dunno thou. Anyway, enjoy this good beat song 🙂




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Supercell(ryo) .feat Hatsune Miku – Sekiranun Graffiti

Hi hi, here’s the 2nd post for today.

It’s the opening of Project Diva Extend that will be released in November 10th 2011! This OP/ED single was made together by Supercell(ryo) and Dixie Flatline. Both of them made the lyric for the others, while the music composed by themself. So, this song was made by Dixie Flatline, but composed by Supercell. The ending song will be added later.

Oh, I also included the translation too 🙂 Enjoy.


p.s. : Yes, the picture above was mine :3


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supercell – Sayonara Memories

New single from Supercell. Sung by Yanagi Nagi (nagi) again, like his single before this. Looks like ryo really like to make a song with school’s time as it’s basis. Oh well, this song was lame at first, but I like it when this song was repeated over and over.

Requested by Ldlv. Enjoy.


March 19, 2010 at 10:19 am 2 comments

supercell(ryo) feat nagi(gazelle) – Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

Ed song for anime Bakemonogatari sung by ryo feat nagi :D. I like this song since the beginning. Well, from watching Summer Anime 2009 promo, I was shocked that supercell actually make an anime ed xD. And it was superb xD

Here you are, and with translation too :D. Yes [LonE] has already released the lossless!! And I’ve edited the kanji like the scans..  well, not like I’ve repaired all of it 😀 I still prefer my style. :p


August 10, 2009 at 6:28 pm 26 comments

Yow, everyone!!

This site was dedicated for the lyric from songs that I like. Or you can request what you want, though I don't know if I can xD

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