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Rita – Kawaranai Kiseki

This is the second track of the single Jewelry halation. The theme song of the PS3 game Agarest Senki 2.
A nice mellow song.

PS: about the rest of the H.O.T.D. songs from Kurosaki Maon, i don’t know if i will continue them. >_> sorry

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Rita – Jewelry Halation

Yeay. Guess what, another Rita. Yeay. Well, the scans for this single take long enough to surface. Thanks alot for the uploader. This is a single for a PS3 Game titled Agarest Senki 2. The Jewelry halation song itself, was a title for another Rita’s single in late 2009, but the single is canceled. it was prepared for a PSP Game titled “Otomate Classic Hoshi no Furu Toki Portable”. I catch this on cdj. Was the game also canceled??? So, maybe this song is a new but not new song, or maybe a really new song different than the Jewelry halation song in 2009. Who knows,
well, enjoy

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Kurosaki Maon – Answer

Hi, I’m back. Not really… just lazy doing anything in the last month… >_<
Here's new single from Maon, the ending theme of the second Toaru majutsu no Index. I havent watch it, bcause kanzaki-nee-chin's role is barely nothing… orz
but then again, this is the second track of the single, the Magic∞world song is bound for later xD
well, enjoy

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ClariS – irony

Hello guys, long time no see. Fortunately I just got back from my bussiness trip and I can’t even update songs for my precious blog @_@. But oh well, I’m back, and this is my 1st update since so long ago.

This is an opening song for anime Ore no Imouto ha Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Sung by Alice & Clara, of which their voice has been synthetized by kz. Such a good song, and with good lyric too. If you’re waiting for the translation, dunno if I can do it with a schedule like now.



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Veil – I Miss You -The Origin-

i miss you

the Ending song from Fortune Arterial (Anime), i like this song, and the lyrics are simple.. LOL


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Yow, everyone!!

This site was dedicated for the lyric from songs that I like. Or you can request what you want, though I don't know if I can xD

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