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Faylan – mind as Judgment

Opening theme for Canaan Anime. Sung by Faylan. Almost as great as Canaan Promotional song, Arousing Soul, but I still like Arousing Soul better xD

Sorry for not updating x:, currently have a cold and cannot do a thing except sleeping T_T. So sorry. This lyric was romaji-ed by my friend, mda176.


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Faylan – Utakata no Kotoritachi

Track 2 from Canaan Opening Single. Sung by Faylan. I believe, this is her second single, since before she always participated in some vocal album, like Ga-rei, Valkyrie Complex, etc. Her 1st single was Canaan promo song, Arousing Soul. I like that song, but there is no lyric scan in her single. D:

Anyway, this song was also good, wait for the op single of Canaan to show up here..


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Kanna Yuri – Juujika no Tori

This is song from Buble Point OP single, opening for eroge Divus Rabies. This is the 3rd track. I don’t know.. but I like this song. Mah, enjoy~


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Aoba Ringo – Kibou no Uta

Opening song for eroge Trample on Schatten!! ~ Kagefumi no Uta ~ by Tail Wind. Like it’s name, Kibou no Uta, or translated as “Song of Hope”, this song was quite good and makes me feel good. Please listen this song if you’re depressed, you will know what I mean.

Added a translation for this song. xD


July 12, 2009 at 11:15 am 1 comment

C-Clays – Spring Shower

Track 1 from their new album Xi-Rai. This song was sung by 小峠 舞. I don’t know her name, but the last kanji was definitely Mai.

This is song quite good. This is the reason I like C-Clays’s works. Enjoy.


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This is a song from Ar Tonelico II when Croche unleash her special power. This power will become more powerfull if Croche’s have a lot of people in her fan club. At first, I dislike this song. But because of the damage output will increase if I use this power, suddenly I’m used to this song. And yes, I like this song, now!!

Hymmnos language included in this song. Please enjoy. And also, the translated lyric, in japanese. Okay, I’ve added the translation.. enjoy 😀

and.. sorry, looks like the picture isn’t match with the column.. please click each pics if you want to see all of it.


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absorb feat Hatsune Miku – Sakura no Ame

This single was released some time ago, but I gradually like it since this song was one of my favorite in Project Diva. Totally awesome. Now I’m waiting for Project Diva Original Song Collection that will be released in 22. That’s just couples of weeks again xD

Let’s sing this song, shall we? I’ll try to translate this.. let’s hope so..


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Nogawa Sakura – Party Play

Op song for anime Arad Senki.. But for some reason, I can’t find it in the 2009 summer anime list.. or is it my eyes that’s bad?? Anyway, this is a good song, track 2 was the same song, but in korean version.. care to hear? Believe me, I don’t know it was korean until I see the scans.. xD


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Yow, everyone!!

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