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Supercell(ryo) .feat Hatsune Miku – Odds&Ends – Full Version

This is the full version of the text, I made a different post than the previous ones, since there are some kanjis that different from last post.

The video still can be played from the last post, so you can still watch that great pv.

This whole song is a story of a composser (probably ryo himself), and his meeting with Miku. You can see it from the translation, as I already insert another words into it so it’ll become like a story, to make it more understandable.


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Rita – Hana kaori namida horori

New Rita song from game for girls (with many pretty boys.. lol) titled “蝶の毒 華の鎖 (Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari)”. The song is compilated with the OST of the game. Whatever Rita, i’ll do it. Enjoy singing along. xD

hana kusari

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Rita – Kimi ni Todoku Made

New Rita song in new eroge. Titled “サクラの空と、君のコト (Sakura no Sora to Kimi no Koto)” from hiyoko soft. 3 songs from three different singers. The other two is Katakiri Rekka (yay) and Shimotsuki Haruka. Enjoy this song. Go search to hear it if you haven’t. have a nice day. xD

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Rita – Kawaranai Kiseki

This is the second track of the single Jewelry halation. The theme song of the PS3 game Agarest Senki 2.
A nice mellow song.

PS: about the rest of the H.O.T.D. songs from Kurosaki Maon, i don’t know if i will continue them. >_> sorry

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Rita – Jewelry Halation

Yeay. Guess what, another Rita. Yeay. Well, the scans for this single take long enough to surface. Thanks alot for the uploader. This is a single for a PS3 Game titled Agarest Senki 2. The Jewelry halation song itself, was a title for another Rita’s single in late 2009, but the single is canceled. it was prepared for a PSP Game titled “Otomate Classic Hoshi no Furu Toki Portable”. I catch this on cdj. Was the game also canceled??? So, maybe this song is a new but not new song, or maybe a really new song different than the Jewelry halation song in 2009. Who knows,
well, enjoy

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Misato Aki – Hidamari no Naka e

Fourth song from “Shoujo ha onee-sama ni Koishiteru (Otome ha Boku ni Koishiteru) Futari no Elder Vocal Mini Album”. Sung by the lovely Misato Aki.

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rita – be there

Guess what. Yeah, Rita. A song from the “Cross Days Original Soundtrack”. Track 3 to be precise. For the other songs, maybe grandpa blacksaber would do it. xD

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Your (KAORI) – re-birth

First track of the single “Your-Memories Off Girls Style” and also the ending theme from the PS2 game Your-memories off girls style. Although the band name Your, the singer is KAORI, you know from super catchy opening of the anime myself; yourself (yes, super catchy for me :P). I believe this hasn’t been posted. Enjoy. xD

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Idolm@ster – Melted Snow (765PRO Ver.)

1st Lyric from new Contributor, ryuukikun >:3. He will in charge of idolmaster song, maybe? 😀


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This is a song from Ar Tonelico II when Croche unleash her special power. This power will become more powerfull if Croche’s have a lot of people in her fan club. At first, I dislike this song. But because of the damage output will increase if I use this power, suddenly I’m used to this song. And yes, I like this song, now!!

Hymmnos language included in this song. Please enjoy. And also, the translated lyric, in japanese. Okay, I’ve added the translation.. enjoy 😀

and.. sorry, looks like the picture isn’t match with the column.. please click each pics if you want to see all of it.


July 11, 2009 at 7:44 pm 7 comments

Yow, everyone!!

This site was dedicated for the lyric from songs that I like. Or you can request what you want, though I don't know if I can xD

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