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Supercell .feat nagi – Perfect Day

One of the track in Supercell’s new Album “Today is a Beautiful Day”. An album which all of it was sung by nagi. The album itself is good, it was all of the song that was in Supercell’s single from here and there, and there’s also some new song, including this one. Taken from my friend’s notes in Facebook, and since I haven’t got the album myself, I can’t fix if there is a mistake here and there. Anyway, enjoy.



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The second opening of Star Driver – Kagayaki no Takuto. The five person group 9nine now do the opening after the first catchy ending “Cross Over”. About the quake, tsunami and radiation, let’s all do pray for japan to recover fast.
Enjoy (and dance to) the song xD

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kz(livetune) feat Yanagi Nagi – empty

Taken from album (C79)TamStar Records – TamStar Records Collection Vol.0 from C79. This is the 5th track. This is the first time Nagi singing kz’s song I believe. Dunno what’s the reason, but for sure, this song is a win 😀


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Faylan – Shuumatsu no Fractal

Opening song for eroge Le Fruit De La Grisaia by Frontwing. Sung by Faylan. I believe this is the first time Faylan make a move as Eroge Singer. She’s already sung for all type already, from movie (The Red Cliff), Game (Shirokishi), Anime (Canaan and such), and now Eroge. Awesome.

Ah, a note. If you notice, the melody almost the same like Katayoku no Icarus by Sakakibara Yui. Because the composser was the same. This song really reminded me of that song 😀

Anyway, enjoy this great song!

EDIT : I was surprised by the amount of view of this lyric, so I decided to translate this song. I’m sorry if it’s not match your taste, I’ve been doing my best to it.


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BACK ON feat .Me – with you

Opening song for the new Tales of Radiant Mythology 3 in PSP. As what people expected, Back On always sings for radiant series, and here you go, they are singing again. Last time it was with misono, but right now, a singer from misono company was joining Back On. Romaji-ed by my friends, Fuji. Thanks dude, this was a great song!


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Yow, everyone!!

This site was dedicated for the lyric from songs that I like. Or you can request what you want, though I don't know if I can xD

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