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Shimokawa Mikuni – Aitakute

The second track from the brand new single from our goddess shimokawa mikuni Kimi ga Iru Kara, also the 4th ending song of the anime fairy tail. Enjoy. xD

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Shimokawa Mikuni – Kimi ga Iru Kara

The 4th ending song from the infamous fairy tail anime. Well, i didnt watch it, but if mikuni is involved, i surely have to do this. Two new songs after 2 years??? or 4 years??? don’t count the compilation. So, enjoy. xD

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TRIPLE BOOKING – Yamato Nadeshiko Education

Here we go again, the catchy opening song from Seitokai Yakuindomo. The Triple Booking are the main seiyuu from the anime. Satou Satomi, Yahagi Sayuri, and of course Hikasa Yoko. Enjoy! xD

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Uehara Rena – Hold a dream

Opening song for Leaf’s eroge, Kimi ga Yobu, Megido no Oka de. I wonder why Leaf didn’t put OST for this eroge. And I only find this song+lyric scan in Remix album.. Wtf man, a great song which no one can’t hear unless they rip it him/herself from the game..

If someone wants to know, here is the remix album title “SHOT MUSIC 「SUPER SHOT 2」 カードNo.006”

Anyway, good that I can hear it again (thou with some remix here and there). Enjoy it fellas.


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KOTOKO – Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo

Opening for Blaz Blue Continuum Shift Console Version. Once again, KOTOKO was in charge of this song. I haven’t heard her voice for quite a bit, and looks like she still can sing as good as before 😀  Thanks mda for the song.



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miru – sign

Another vocal track in the Utatemeguri OST. This one sung by miru. There’s another song by miru in my lyric list. This song totally my fave from Utatemeguri vocal tracks. I also included download link for all of the Utatemeguri vocal tracks below. Enjoy it guys 😀

Yuujou – Casual Chain

miru – sign

Duca  – ISI

Marie – Hitotsu no Negaigoto


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Rita – Akai no Sora

Okay, it’s done. request from kioku. enjoy. Go bother blacksaber for the Hana’s song.
and don’t forget, this is done by the help of master YUAN. give a respect for him. xD

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