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Girls Dead Monster – Ichiban No Takaramono

been a little while… oh well, here’s Angel Beats insert song ep 10… this made me cry man’s tears… XD


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Again this was another blacksaber’s job. He quits (again) halfway (and go lazy (again) like usual (and maybe doing something indecent (again) lol)). So, when i’m about to continue, i know the reason why… it’s hard to hear and search for the kanji (because i can’t read those). That’s why mister blacksaber is happily throw it to me… =O so if you read this, go scold him… ((_ヾ(≧血≦;)ノ_))きぃぃぃぃっ! And then enjoy this slow song with nice vocal like usual.
This is the fourth track of the うたてめぐり オリジナルサウンドトラック Disc 3.

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YuNa – Causal Chain

This was supposedly blacksaber’s job. but he quits halfway (and go lazy like usual (and maybe something more indecent) lol) and throw it to me… well, the song is good, so no complain. The first track of the album of うたてめぐり オリジナルサウンドトラック in disc 3. Enjoy

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Marie – Hitotsu no Negaigoto

Ending song for new Eroge by FLAT, Utatemeguri. Sung by Marie. At least, there’s some gold in this eroge’s storm. To think that this eroge has 2 of my fave singer in it, Duca and Marie. For the opening (by Duca), I will post it later.

Enjoy fellas!


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Sakamoto Maaya – Kaze ga Fuku Hi

Continuing what mda does, i’m gonna put some old lyric here too. This is a song for anime escaflowne sung by Sakamoto Maaya. An epic melody combine with an epic voice. Old anime’s song always good to hear.


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Aikawa Nanase – Yumemiru Shoujo Jya Irarenai

Isn’t this time is a good time to listen to good old song? Just say YES! (bored waiting for Holland v Denmark and decided to do this) DX
This song is released in 1995 (not quite old enough, no?), and the debut single of Aikawa Nanase.

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Faylan – Serious Age

The ending song of the Break Blade OAV. Enjoy the song first to waste time waiting for it to release soon by the end of next month. The opening is already done by blacksaber down there.


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