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Mio Yuuki – Linaria

Ending song in Caucasus if you got the True Ending. This song also a lullaby that Shion likes to sing, but she forgot from where she hears it.

Mio Yuuki(優稀澪) is the seiyuu of Shion, and also a new seiyuu. Just like Aji Sanma debut in Kara no Shoujo as Kuchiki Touko.


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Shimotsuki Haruka – Snowdrop (Full Version)

Opening song for eroge Caucasus by Innocent Grey. The one I posted before are the game version, here is the full version, from the original soundtrack of Caucasus.

Shimotsuki Haruka’s voice once again makes me cried again with this song. The same happen with Ruri no Tori. And tomorrow we have Inogure Live Concert along with Shimotsuki Haruka, Aji Sanma, and other seiyuu and staff from Innocent Grey. God bless you who have the ticket and watching it.

Enjoy the lyric!


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Shimotsuki Haruka – Snowdrop

Taken from [Innocent Grey] Caucasus’s First Fanbook bought in C76. I haven’t hear the song, since it’s not included in the cd, but judging from Shimotsuki Haruka and Manyo, this song will become another song that I’ve treasure in my life!!

Looks like this was the game ver, not the full one.. let’s wait when they release the game.


September 17, 2009 at 10:41 pm 8 comments

Yow, everyone!!

This site was dedicated for the lyric from songs that I like. Or you can request what you want, though I don't know if I can xD

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