Supercell .feat Hatsune Miku – Odds&Ends(Short Ver.)

EDIT : Full Version Here



Dunno this video will last for how long, but surely this is great! The song too, is AWESOME!

The song itself will be available in CD/DVD/BLURAY in 28 this month! Get it guys!

Also, there’s some people that already translate the short version used in Project Diva f, and I’ll be taking that and translate it myself.

Here you go!

Romaji and several words used are taken from Descent87.



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UR@N – Niji no Mukou no Horizon

This is an old song, but I still liked to hear it from time to time. It has somewhat strange melody that makes me feel happy. Truth to be told, it also make me remember the whole story of the Pastel Chime Continue.

Enjoy the beat then 🙂


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Aoi Eir – Lament


Waw, It’s been a long time since I updated my site with lyric. Well, hello everyone, looks like once again I have the urge to post a new lyric in this site!

This is the first song from the Fate Tribute Album by Aoi Eir. I really liked the first song, Lament. It have the perfect pitch to brings the true voice of Aoi Eir. I liked it when she sang with highest pitch. It was awesome. And though I’m not really confidence, I also make a translation in the song, hoping it will make some people understand, or will become more confused.



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Maeda Jun x Yanagi Nagi – Killer Song

Thanks to everyone whos pointing me this video in facebook, to think this song is rocckss \m/

Look at yourself and be amazed 🙂

Romaji and translation is adeed, enjoy~

Special thanks to zetsudousougi for correcting some translation. 🙂


December 22, 2011 at 11:02 pm 10 comments

LiSA – Confidence Driver

Second Track of the Fate/Zero Opening that Blacksaber waited for. This is better IMO. xD Try listening the “Mahha de kakenukerooo” line. I got eargasm. lol, i’m kidding.

Ok, Enjoy..

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LiSA – oath sign

Finally, the opening single for Fate/Zero by LiSA is out!!! HURRAAYYY!!!

This is the opening that I’m really looking forward ❤


So without holding all of you any longer, enjoy the lyric below.


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Claris – nexus

Hello there, finally some update from me. 🙂

This time, it’s the opening for Ore no Imouto (maybe? since I forgot and the files is in my home 🙂 ), sung by Claris, 2 singer with the name Alice and Clara. So here it is, cover and the details will follow later, enjoy 🙂


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