Duca – Happiness

December 10, 2009 at 9:12 am 2 comments

Request from my friend, Algester. I never think that this song makes me cry. >.> A song from Duca’s album, 12 Stories.

Here you are, Algester. Complete with the translation too😀


揺れる水面に映る 想いは閉ざされたまま
流れゆく時の中で ひとり立ち止まって

yureru minamo ni utsuru omoi ha tozasareta mama
nagareyuku toki no naka de hitori tachidomatte

[ This swaying water’s surface reflected my own closed feeling, while I’m alone stopped in the flow of time that always move on. ]

心の奥に灯もる かすかな夢を抱きながら
夜の闇を抱き寄せて そっと瞳閉じた

kokoro no oku ni tomoru kasukana yume wo idakinagara
yoru no yami wo dakiyosete sotto hitomi tojita

[ In the deep of my heart, I lit a faint dream that I hold while embracing the dark night. Slowly, I closed my eyes. ]

ひとり生きた証 そのかけらを

nagai yoru wo miageru hoo ni
eien no ame ga furishikiru
kitto itsuka todokete ano hito ni
hitori ikita akashi sono kakera wo

[ In the long night, looking up above my cheek, happen an eternal rain that rain incessantly. I hope, this fragment of me will be delivered to that person, a prove that I’m alive. ]

はるか遠くに消える 雨雲 見送りながら
降りそそぐ陽射しの中 ふたり走り出して

haruka tooku ni kieru amagumo miokurinagara
furisosogu hizashi no naka futari hashiridashite

[ From the distance, while seeing the raincloud disappearing, we ran together under the sunlight. ]

晴れた空の向こうに にじんだ夕闇の輝き
時の運命(さだめ)受け入れて ずっと抱いてくれた

hareta sora no mukou ni nijinda yuuyami no kagayaki
toki no unmei (sadame) ukeirete zutto daitekureta

[ Heading from the clear sky, toward the shining dusk. This rule of time that I accept, always I hold tightly. ]

あなたがいま ためらいがちに
ふたり生きてゆける あなたのなら

anata ga ima tameraigachi ni
nigitta sono te no nukumori to
sukoshi tereta egao wo wasurenai
futari ikite yukeru anata to nara

[ Now, in the hesitate of your elegance, I grasp your warmthness. I will never forget your blushing face and we will living on, as long as it’s with you. ]

優しい声 ぬくもり 探してた

betsuri (wakare) no hi ha mada otozureru
soredemo omoi ha kawaranai
yasashii koe nukumori sagashiteta
futari zutto soba ni

[ The day of farewell still hasn’t come, even then my feeling won’t change. I will always search your warmth and your kind voice, and we will be together forever. ]

わたしたちは いま残された
狭い空よ伝えて あの人に
わたし今はとても 幸せだと

watashitachi ha ima nokosareta
wazukana mirai wo arukidasu
semai sora yo tsutaete ano hito ni
watashi ima ha totemo shiawase dato

[ We are now walking in ourself, leaving behind a subtle future that we hope before. Wishing to this confined sky, that “I am really happy right now” message will be delivered to that person. ]

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  • 1. Algester  |  December 12, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    ahh thx for the translations😄

  • 2. taupiggylicious  |  January 15, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    I’ve. Been. Looking. For. This…


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