Marie – Flower Dynamite

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Taken from her new album, Jump Up! This is the 2nd track, and I love it so much. I’ve add the translation too. Really nice song =D

21世紀の 訪れを みんな騒ぎ立てて
迎え入れたけれど 「かわりないまま」
いつになれば せかいがかわるのと

21seiki no otozure wo minna sawagi tatete
mukae iretakeredo [kawarinai mama]
itsu ni nareba sekai ga kawaru no to
zutto kasumu sora wo mite tsubuyaite ita

[ In the arrival of 21th century, everyone just met and caused disturbance (same -ish). “Wonder when this world wil change”, while always muttering to the blur sky. ]

ぼくらの明日には 輝くキボウがあるはず

bokura no ashita ni ha kagayaku KIBOU ga aru hazu
dakara tsukame

[ There should’ve a shining future in our tomorrow! That’s why we catch it! ]

その手を Oh Oh Oh
のばして Ah Ah Ah
この世界を  Oh Oh Oh

sono te wo Oh Oh Oh
nobashite Ah Ah Ah
kono sekai wo Oh Oh Oh
COLORFULL ni kaete shimaeba ii

[ If that hand reach out and make this world, I gladly let it change. ]


kitto NET no doko ni mo kaite inai kedo
bokura no kokoro no naka ni aru hazusa

[ For sure there’s nothing written in Internet, because it should’ve lies in our heart. ]

幸せにあふれる 新しい未来
そんな事ばかりを 信じていた 「戦争ばかり」
傷つけ合うことにも 鈍感になってる
枯れずあふれるのは 涙だけ

shiawase ni afureru atarashii mirai
sonna koto bakari wo shinjiteita [sensou bakari]
kizutsuke au koto ni mo donkan ni natteru
karezu afureru no ha namida dake

[ In the new future, happiness overflow, and only that (war) that they believed. People that always wounded become thickheaded and only their tears that wither away. ]

キセキを信じても この世の何も変わらない

kiseki wo shinjitemo kono yo no nani mo kawaranai
dakara kudake

[ Only believing in miracles won’t change this world, that’s why I stop it. ]

心の Oh Oh Oh
おくにある Ah Ah Ah
からを破り その目で見てみよう

kokoro no Oh Oh Oh
oku ni aru Ah Ah Ah
kara wo yaburi sono me de mitemiyou
hontou no iro wo

[ The emptiness that they defy are inside their heart, let’s see their true colour with our own eyes. ]

きっと Oh Oh Oh
世界は Ah Ah Ah
かえられる Hu Hu Hu
立ち上がる 勇気さえあるなら

kitto Oh Oh Oh
sekai ha Ah Ah Ah
kaerareru Hu Hu Hu
tachiagaru yuuki sae aru nara

[ For sure, this world will change if we can stand up bravely. ]

Oh Yeah たちあがる

itsuka kobushi wo furikazashi
Oh Yeah tachiagaru
toki ga kimi ni mo otozureruhazu dakara

[ Someday their palm should’ve reach all of you, and when that time comes, let’s stand on our feet! Yeah! ]


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