miko – Hatsukoi Hurricane

August 28, 2009 at 3:56 pm 1 comment

Another miko! This was taken from the latest Shoujobyou from C76, Kuusou RPG! This is the 4th track. A good song, yet very hard to translate. I’ve put some translation notes below the song.


This song was requested by my friend, ldlv.


sonna ni shinpai shinakutemo daijobu!
un, makasenasai! watashi ga ichi kara oshieteagemashou!

[ Don’t worry too much, it’s all right! Leave it to me, I’ll teach you from the beginning. ]

秘密兵器 今ここに 颯爽と登場
うろたえるな! 私こそHeroineなのよ

himitsu heiki ima koko ni sassou to toujou
urotaeruna! watashi koso Heroine na no yo

[ A secret weapon makes an appearance galantly now in this place. Don’t be flustered, for I am also the Heroine! ]

フリルのドレス 可憐な乙女の選ぶ戦闘服着こなし
見てて☆ 絶対領域黒ニーソ!

FRILL no DRESS karen na otome no erabu sentoufuku kikonashi
mitete zettai ryouiki kuro KNEE SOCK!

[ Dress with a frill are a match for lovely virgin as a battle uniform. Look at my absolute teritory with it’s black kneesocks! ]

教えてよ 誰に恋してるの?

oshiete yo dare ni koishiteruno
kakusanaide ii no ni kawaii terechatte!

[ Tell me who are you falling in love to? …. How cute, you are blushing! Even though you don’t have to hide it from me. ]

勘違い? ねぇそんな言葉は
この私の辞書にはないのよ ひとつ学んだね?

kanchigai? nee sonna kotoba ha
kono watashi no jisho ni ha nai no yo hitotsu manandane?

[ Misunderstanding? There aren’t any words like that in my dictionary, but yes, you have learned 1 thing about myself. ]

邪魔だなんて 空き放す あぁ。。。そういうプレイ?
受け入れるよ 懐の深さもあるの

jama da nante sukihanasu aa souiu PLAY?
ukeireruyo futokoro no fukasamo aru no

[ Aah, now you’re playing the game “leaving-the-room-while-said-‘you’re bothering me?’ I accept your deep desired feeling though. ]

私の魅力 たくさんあるでしょ☆ひとつずつ挙げてみようか?
あれれ なぜ黙り込むの?不思議だわ

watashi no miryoku takusan arudesho hitotsu zutsu agetemiyouka?
arere naze damarikomuno? fushigi dawa

[ I have a lot of charm, shall I gave you some? Arere, why you are become silent? How mysterious. ]

癒し系 小悪魔系すべて

iyasi kei ko akuma kei subete
kanesonaete shimatta watashi ha tsumi kashira?

[ Is it a sin if I unconsiously combine soothing type and small-devil type? ]

電波系? ねえそんな冗談
この私に必要ないのよ またも学んだね?

dempa kei? nee sonna joudan
kono watashi ni hitsuyou nai no yo mata mo manandane?

[ Dempakei? Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t even need that, but now you know other things about me. ]

こいういらないから 可愛らしくないいきなさい
ワン ワンって

sono hankou teki na me ha nani
koiu iranai kara kawairashikunai ikinasai
wan wan tte
kora hayaku, hayaku

[ What’s with that docile eyes? It isn’t cute, leave that aside. Try “wan wan” instead. C’mon, hurry up, hurry! ]

言ってみて 誰に恋してるの?
癒し系 小悪魔系すべて
あきらめて 私のモノになろう?
はじめてかな?それが恋なのよ ひとつ学んだね?

itte mite dare ni koishiteruno?
kakusanaide ii no ni kawaii, terechatte!
iyasi kei ko akuma kei subete
kanesonaete shimatta watashi ha tsumi kashira?
akiramete watashi no mono ni narou
aradoushite? sonna ni hyoujou aozamete
wakattawa dokidokishiterunone
hajimete kana? sore ga ai na no yo hitotsu manandane?

[ Try telling me who are you falling in love to? …. How cute, you are blushing! Even though you don’t have to hide it from me. Is it a sin if I unconsiously combine the soothing type and small-devil type? Does surrender become my things? Ara? Why your face become pale? I see, you are nervous right? Is it your first? That’s also called love, and you learn 1 things about me. ]


ああ ちょっと! 逃げるなあああ!!

hatsukoi! nante suteki na hibi ni
korekara taaaapppuri ???

aa chotto! nigerunaa!

[ First love! What a beautiful day!
Ah, wait! Don’t running awayyy!! ]

Notes :

癒し系 (Iyasikei)             Soothing type : it’s presence make us calm
小悪魔系 (Koakumakei)  Small-devil type : this type presents
電波系 (Dempakei)          This was hard to describe, the best way is, silent type, but almost cool, and yet a little bit psycho. For example, Ayanami Rei in Neon Genesis Evangelion, or Hanajima Saki in Saki.

???? above are open for discussion.. I can’t catch that x.x


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  • 1. Ldlv  |  August 28, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    NICE! Waiting for this ❤ ❤ ❤ ty BS-san

    err.. But detect some minor error
    [ Fist love! What a beautiful day!

    Fist?? (lol it's really a minor)


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