Sachi Tainaka – Kimi to no Ashita

May 26, 2009 at 11:20 pm 1 comment

I forgot to post this song here xD. This is the final ed for Fate/SN anime. Epic! This song is epic! I can surely feel Shirou’s emotion when separated from Saber.. oh, the tears..

I translated this long time ago, and I’m lazy to edit it now xD. So sorry if some words are wrong.

偶然じゃない 二人出会えたのは
ずっと前から 決まってた運命

guuzen janai futari deaeta no wa
zutto mae kara kimatteta unmei

[ It isn’t a coincidence that the two of us have met. It was a destiny decided long ago ]

目を閉じるたび 空を見上げるたびに
幻のようなあの日々が よみがえる

me wo tojiru tabi sora wo miageru tabi ni
maboroshi no youna ano hibi ga yomigaeru

[ Every time I close my eyes, every time I look up to the sky, days of illusion are resurrected ]

道は進むたびに 遠くなる
だけど歩くよ このまま

michi wa susumu tabi ni tooku naru
dakedo arukuyo kono mama

[ The path drifts further away with each step. Yet, I will keep walking like this ]

一つも残さず 忘れたくないよ
優しい言葉も 愛した瞳も
信じていいよね? もう一度会えると
涙はそれまで 流さないから

hitotsu mono kosazu wasureta kunai yo
yasashii kotoba mo aishita hitomi mo
shinjite iiyone? mou ichido aeruto
namida wa soremade nagasanai kara

[ I too want to cross over in order to lose something in the ward. Your gentle word and eyes makes me love you. I’ll have to believe in? I want to meet once again, if i can. Until my tears drained out ]

偶然じゃない 二人出会えたのは
ずっと前から 変われない運命

guuzen janai futari deaeta no wa
zutto maekara kawaranai unmei

[ It isn’t a coincidence that the two of us have met. It was always the same destiny ]

心から君と もう一度笑い合いたい
決して叶わぬ 夢でも

kokoro kara kimi to mouichido warai aitai
kesshite kana wanu yume demo

[ I want to smile because of your kindness once again but that’s just a dream that never come ]

私には見える 君との明日が
君にもわかるよ いつだってそう
必ず守るよ 約束したから
悲しい時には 側にいたいよ

watashi ni wa mieru kimi to no ashita ga
kimi ni mo wakaruyo itsudatte sou
kanarazu mamoru yo yakusokushita kara
kanashii toki ni wa soba ni itaiyo

[ I can see my future with you, And I’m sure you can, too,like you’ve always been able to. I will protect you, like I’ve promised. I want to be by your side in times of sadness ]

偶然じゃない 二人出会えたのは
ずっと前から 夢見てた運命

guuzen janai futari deaeta no wa
zutto maekara yume miteta unmei

[ It isn’t a coincidence that the two of us have met. It was a dream i’ve seen long ago]


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