Kokia – Ai no Melody

October 31, 2008 at 3:36 pm 3 comments

A nostalgic song from.. at least I heard this 2-3 years ago. (hope i’m not mistaken). And just recently found this lyric in my friend’s computer. It comes with translation too! Thank god! Oh, btw.. this song used in an anime but I forgot the name, lol. Better viewed in SHIFT-JIS.

Here it is!

私に生きる希望くれた 幸せが 笑った

anata marude komorebi no you ni
watashi ni ikiru kibou kureta shiawase ga waratta

[ You’re just like the sunlight through the leaves. Gave me the happy smile, courage and will to live on ]


kioku no naka no nukumori mune ni
nani yori mo tsuyoi kizuna wo kanjite iru wa

[ The warmth of the heart in my memory is beyond all the trammels ]


watashi ga watashi rashiku irareru no wa anata ga iru kara

[ It’s all because of you, that I can live like myself ]


*1 anata wo ai shite umareta uta wo utaou
watashi no ai no akashi ni
shinjite doko made mo todoke watashi no omoi
anata ga ikite iru koto ga shinjitsu

[ Singing I was born to love you is the proof of my love. And you trust that this feeling will be sent to you, and that you are still alive ]

愛おしくて 嬉しくて 悲しくて 切なくて
悔しくて もどかしいくて 愛のメロディー

*2 itooshikute ureshikute kanashikute setsunakute
kuyashikute modokashikute… ai no MERODII

[ Pity, happiness, sorrow, vexation, regret, anxiety, make up the melody of love ]

解きほぐす前に分かれた 辛くても 望んだ

karami atta kokoro no ito wo
tokihogusu mae ni wakareta tsurakutemo nozonda

[ Before I untied the knot in my heart, we were separated, but I have no regrets though I was sad ]


kono ai wo tsuranukou hitorigoto no you ni
towa ni chikai wo tateru

[ We keep the love alive I said this to myself in order to keep the promise alive ]


itooshisa ni tsutsumareru MERODII maiagare sora ni

[ The melody is surrounded by the love, fly to the sky ]

その目に見えない 大切な者を見せよう

sono me ni mienai taisetsu na mono wo miseyou
afureru ai no izumi ni
omoi wa doko made mo fukaku toki wo koetemo
ikite yukeru sore ga watashi no ai no uta

[ In that spring of overflowing love, to show you something more important than you have seen with your own eyes
This love for you is so deep, through time and space, beyond life itself, this is the song of my love ]

Mm~ 触れる肌を吐息がのぞる
ねぇ もう寝ちゃったの?
Mm~   それなら耳元で「I Love You」

mmm fureru hada wo toiki ga nozoru
nee mou nechatta no?
sore nara mimimoto de “I love you”

[ I touch your body and feel your breath, “are you asleep already?”
If you are, then I whisper “I love you” ]

*1 repeat

その目に見えない 大切な者を見せよう
あなたと出会って 流れ出したこのメロディー

sono me ni mienai taisetsu na mono wo miseyou
afureru ai no izumi ni
anata to deatte nagaredashita kono MERODII
furueteiru ima kono toki mo ikiteru

[ In that spring of overflowing love, to show you something more important than you have seen with your own eyes. The flow of the melody when I met you, still exist in this shaking time ]

*2 repeat 2x


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Welcome! Yatsushiro Nanaka – Another World

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  • 1. Kuatro  |  November 21, 2008 at 12:33 am


  • 2. kokiafan  |  March 1, 2009 at 4:54 am

    Everyone, pls try to get kokia’s NEW ALBUMS called Balance! the PREVIEWS are up in victors site: http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/-/Artist/A012051.html and the songs are really really good! pls try to support this wonderful, underrated and dependent artist!! for everyone who hasn’t listened to her give her a try and you will fall over hills with her heavenly gorgeous voice that will touch your heart and will stay in your mind for a very long time. also, pls help spread the word around, pls!! T_T she needs all the support that she can get!

  • 3. blacksaber  |  March 13, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    Ohhh!! New Album of KOKIA? That’s greattttt!!!

    Thanks for the info!


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